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Monday 29 December 2014

Full festive at Ongole HO (AP) - New Year comes early

 Ongole HO went live on Core Banking Solutions 

on 29-12-2014. 

Sri O.Vijayakumar , SSPOs, Prakasam Dn., 

 has inaugurated the CBS Connectivity. 

Sri P.Venkateswararao , Postmaster has hosted the occasion. Sri G.Satish , ASPOs , Sri R.Radhakrishnamurthy, IPOs have shared the platform. Sri R.Sriramamurthy APM, A/Cs has got the opportunity of 1st customer of CBS-Ongole.  

NFPE, Prakasam has taken the opportunity to get the 2015 year  book to be released. 

Sri P.Venkateswararao, Postmaster, Ongole HO 
Sri G.Venkateswarlu, Postmaster , Kanigiri HO

 have jointly released the NFPE-Prakasam Year book for 2015.

Com. D.Mohanarao, AP Circle Vice Pesident, P3,, 
Com. P.Venkateswararao, ACS, GDS ,  
Com. R.Brahmanandam, Divisional President.P3,,
Com. K.Venkateswarlu, D/S.P3,
Com.P.Sankaranaik, D/S, P4 
Com.S.Nagireddy, D/s, GDS      
Com.P.Peraiah, NFPE Pen. Association;            are present on the occasion.

                                               ( Prakasam Dn., Women convenor )

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